Gumuldur Resort Hotel  is located in Gümüldür Town of İzmir.İn this beautiful town with lavish green areas and long majestic coastline. Gümüldür Resort Hotel & Spa presents a peaceful and calm vacation for its guests, combining the perfect location and wonderfull beachside views. Established on an area of 32,000 square meters. Outdoor swimming pool surrounds the hotel with an organic form and the hotel is equipped with a green and natural garden… Gümüldür Resort hotel  & Spa has a total of 185 rooms with sea views and garden views, consisting 88 standard rooms, 16 Family rooms ,  74 superior rooms, 5 large superior rooms and  2 junior Suites .


İzmir Havalimanı 34 km
İzmir şehir merkezi 45 km
Menderes 25 km
Kuşadası 44 km
Efes 35 km
Şirince 45 km
Bergama 150 km
Sığacık 30 km
Pamukkale 220 km
Alışveriş caddesi 50 mt


Point of Interest


Ephesus ( EFES ) – Archaeological Site UNESCO World Heritage Centre


Distance is 40 Km (35 Min) Gümüldür  Resort & Spa and   Located within what was once the estuary of the River Kaystros, Ephesus comprises successive Hellenistic and Roman settlements founded on new locations, which followed the coastline as it retreated westward. Excavations have revealed grand monuments of the Roman Imperial period including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Little remains of the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” which drew pilgrims from all around the Mediterranean. Since the 5th century, the House of the Virgin Mary, a domed cruciform chapel seven kilometres from Ephesus, became a major place of Christian pilgrimage. The Ancient City of Ephesus is an outstanding example of a Roman port city, with sea channel and harbour basin.

The House of Virgin Mary Church ( Meryem ANA )

This is situated at the Peak of Bülbül Mountain, 48  km (40 min) from Gümüldür Resort  & Spa. According to the legend, St. John came to Ephesus with Virgin Mary four or six years after the crucifixion of Jesus. Following the visions of a German nun. Catherina Emmerich, a group of Lazarist priests discovered a house, which is believed to be the palace where Virgin Mary spent her last days, in 1891. This discovery attracted the attention of the entire Christian world. The cruciform building topped with a dome was restored in modern times. The house received visits from Pope Paul VI in 1967 and Pope John Paul II in 1979, which strengthened the belief that Virgin Mary lived and died in Ephesus. This site has become a frequent destination for pilgrims, since the image of Virgin Mary is venerated not only by Christians but also by Muslims. A special mass as held each 15 August, which attracts numerous visitors.

Sirince Village – Şirince Köyü

Distance is 50 Km (45 Min) from Gumuldur  Resort & Spa. Once known as Kirkince, the village was built by the Greeks around 800 years ago and since the population exchange in 1924 has since been inhabited by Muslims from Salonica. The village has a few guest-houses and restaurants, and is popular with foreign and Turkish tourists to experience a taste of traditional village life in a peaceful environment.This small village 7km through the hills from Selcuk, is attractive for its setting among fruit orchards, old-fashioned stone houses with red tiled roofs, and narrow streets. It is also famous for its traditional bazaar, home-made wine and lace made by the local women.There is a story that the village was settled by freed Greek slaves who named the village Cirkince (meaning “Ugly” in Turkish) to deter others from following them. The village’s name was changed to Sirince (meaning “Pleasant”) in 1926 by the governor of Izmir Province.Sirince was settled when Ephesus was abandoned in the 15th century but most of what one sees today dates from the 19th century.