Beach Pool

Each moment of your vacation will be a source of enjoyment at our four pools ( main pool ,sılence pool,children pool, aqua pool) that are specifically designed to provide safe and comfortable swimming experience for adult  and children guests.   Umbrellas, Sunbeds, mattress,shower,changing room and beach towels are available by the poolside.

Name of Pool Featured Area m2 Depth M Location Catering
Main Pool Fresh Water 672 1,4 A bl Beverages
Aqua Pool Fresh Water 105 1,2 A bl Beverages
Silence Pool Fresh Water 300 1,6 C-D bl Beverages
Children Pool 1 Fresh Water 50 0,4 A bl Beverages
Children Pool 2 Fresh Water 20 0,43 C-D bl Beverages
Unbrella Sunbeds Mattress Beach Towel Coffee Table Shower